Baba Marta Day

March 1, Friday

Baba Marta Day
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Grandma Marta Day (or simply Baba Marta, Bulgarian: Баба Марта, "Grandma Marta") is a holiday celebrated in Bulgaria, on March 1. Martenitsas, usually in the form of a wrist band, small yarn dolls, or tassels, are created by combining red and white colored threads and are worn on that day and throughout March. They are worn until a stork or a swallow is seen, symbolizing the coming of spring, warmer weather, and well-being. Once the stork or a swallow appears the Martenitsa is taken off and hung on a blooming tree. It is common in the spring to see trees festooned in Martenitsas.

Older Bulgarians call it Birch Month as it is around the time that birch trees start growing leaves and giving sap. There is a great amount of folklore about Grandma Marta Day and the character of Baba Marta herself. The greeting exchanged on this day is Chestita Baba Marta often shortened to ЧБМ on greeting cards.

Baba Marta Day

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